EKF Diagnostics' Quo-Lab HbA1c Analyzer Secures IFCC Certification

Asynt:Overhead Stirrer Provides an Effective Tool for Rapid Screening

Genevac:Powerful Evaporator for Drug Discovery

Micronic:2D Barcode Scanner for Frozen Samples

About us

Moss concentrate to design and perfect the microsystem product in accordance with customer requirement. "satisfy the user, continuous improvement" is the motto we long-term pursue, and it is also indicating the company’s constant self-obligation. cause we believe life-science research and biotechnology development are those important subject and trend all over the world in 21cn.

To practise in accordance with the value of our motto, we fulfill the mission that exceed the expectation and need of our customers, perfect the customized instrument right in the plant. we would express our self-obligation in each instrument presented.

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