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    Detailed profile:
    Controlled by microcomputer, touching panel and LED display.
    The compressor imported from Europe operating without Freon for environment protection, pre-cooling when power on.
    The brushless direct drive motor with high start torque and frequency inversion.
    Imbalance, over-speed, over-temperature and door interlocking protection function for the safety of people and instrument. The parameter can be changed at operating state.
    Automatic computing and setting RCF,adjustable rise-and-fail speed from grade 0 to 9
    Fitting to the adapters of 5ml、7ml 、10ml、15ml、30ml、50ml, etc.
    Widely used in the filed of radicalization immunity, biochemistry, pharmacy, blood separation and purification


    Max Speed 6000r/min
    Max RCF 6680×g
    Max Capacity 6000ml
    Speed Accuracy ±50r/min
    Temperature Range -20℃--40℃
    Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
    Time Range 0-99H59min
    Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz 35A
    Noise ≤62dB
    Dimension 830×720×1250(mm)
    Weight 268kg

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