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    Detailed profile:
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    ★    Adopt PLC control system and Electronic Touch Screen, it’s convenient to operation and low failure rate.
    ★    Adopt high performance stepper motor and drive with Synchronous Belt, to ensure the balanced running, accurately fixed position, min. noise and so on.
    ★    Adopt Photoelectric switch to fixed position, it has find position memory and reset automatically functions.
    ★     It can store 5 different programs to meet the different staining requirements.
    ★    Battery backup can be optional, to permit staining of slides to continue during the main power failures.
    Technical data:
    Specimen slide throughput: At least 200 specimen slides per hour (depend on the selected program)
    ★    Loading capacity:    3 slides rack
    ★    Slide rack capacity:   30 specimen slides
    ★    Total number of stations:    26
    ★    Number reagent stations:    18
    ★    Reagent container volume:   600ml
    ★    Number of wash stations:    3
    ★    Number of wait stations:     3
    ★    Oven:                    1
    ★    Oven chamber temperature:   from ambient temperature to 85℃
    ★    Load/unload stations:        1 each
    ★    Incubation time setting:      from 0 sec. up to 9999 sec.
    ★    Permanent memory capacity:  5 programs, up to 24 program steps each
    ★    Dimension ( W×D×H):     120cm×50cm×60cm
    ★    Weight:                 110Kg
    ★    Voltage:                 220V, 50Hz
    ★    Power rating:            300VA
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