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We (Moss) concentrate to design and perfect a series of microtomes in accordance with customer requirement. "satisfy the user, continuous improvement" is the motto we long-term pursue, and it is also indicating the company's constant self-obligation. cause we believe life-science research and biotechnology are the important subject and trend all of the world in 21cn.


To practise in accordance with the value of our motto, we fulfill the mission that exceed the expectation and need of our customers, perfect the customized instrument right in the plant. we would express our self-obligation in each instrument presented.


Eng. Penfeng Chan have engaged in electromechanical transmission industry since 1992, who have the good experience on designing the high degree of accuracy microsystem. he is managing the talented staff devote in instrument design and quality assurance.


Each year we would launch a significant budget on development of innovative precision instruments such as microtome, tissue processor, HPLC system, electrophoresis system, blood culture machine, immunoassay machine and other lab instrument autoclave, biochemistry analyzer, centrifuge, drying oven, fume hood, spectrophotometer and so on, to keep up with the demand of users in the field of clinical analysis and histology and cytology.


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