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    ★    Quantity of Station: 18pcs, First station is cleaning tank (flowing water), 18th tank is entering tank, 17th tank is ending tank.
    ★   Run mode: Run basket continuouns, can stain large batch slides continuous 
    ★    Capacity of single tray: 1000ml, can be set 47 slides.
    ★    Retention time in each tank: From 1 sec. to 99min. 59 sec.
    ★    Quantity of storing program: 6 sets
    ★   Temperature range in heating tank: 0 –99º C
    ★   Power supply: 220V (up or down 10%)50HZ or 110V(up or down 10%) 50/60Hz
    ★   Power: 400VA
    ★   Run baskets continuous, can stain large batch slides continuous.
    ★   With ion filter: Iron filter can clean out the abneful gas completely, to make sure the user safe.
    ★   Colorized touch screen: Display all running information, easy to watch and convenient operation.
    ★   Store program: can store 6 sets program.
    ★   Movement parts: Movements parts choose bearing linear guide, high precision, small resistance, steady running, strong abradability.
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